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Design studio and brand based in Prague. Creating graphics and products for international clients and producing own collections.

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Možnosti vesnice

A new book with Michaela Hečková about architecture and public space in Czech villages. Published by Meziměsto on the 1st of April 2021.

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"Bacterial" font

A new typeface in the making called Bacterial. It is designed to work in 5 layers inspired by bacterial growth and texture decay.

Winning Vimperk

We have won the invitation-based competition to design the visual identity for the city of Vimperk. It will unfold in phases over the next couple months. Very exciting and a great collaboration already.

Hold collection not on hold

The three-piece hold collection is nearing higher volume production with a new graphics treatment and a new package. Once the stock is full Hold will be available to purchase in red and white first and more colors later.


Vimperk visual identity

A complex visual identity project for the historic city of Vimperk in Czechia including a logo-based visual system, typography and color schemes, online, merch and public space applications.

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In collaboration with Jakub Korous we redesigned the visual identity and packaging for one of world’s oldest condom brands.

LUGI furniture maker

Visual identity and creative direction collaboration that started almost 10 years ago. LUGI is one of the big forces in the custom furniture market.

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Safezone award design

A very thorough design process enabled by a generous client that lead to a very unique series of hand-formed objects. We also developed a custom technology to create a high grade anodized surface.

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Hold 1-2-3

The Hold collection has been reworked and now features three distinct forms and sizes. It still attempts to be the ultimate universal object that connects other objects in many inspiring ways.

BAR collection

The BAR collection is an exercise in advanced wood technology that results in a very human design that fits so many scenarios. Produced by LUGI and available to buy here soon.


Experimental work, a think-tank or a library of ideas in form and material that evolves parallel to projects and collections.

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