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Možnosti vesnice

A second book we did together with Michaela Hečková that aims to be an alternative guide for architects and fans of contemporary architecture. It maps out 12 dramatic portraits of change in Czech villages in the last 20 years. The themes range from new buildings across reconstructions to beautiful public space solutions.  

Just like our first book – 20000 – that focused on small towns this one is also based on a year of work and several months on the road around the country of Czechia to capture the 12 locations we carefully selected. The mission of this book is to put together an authentic experience of these projects and places together with interviews and research in an attempt to uncover the story behind these change-inducing developments. All photographs were taken bespoke for the book on location, there is no second-hand material here. We worked with Michaela to create something that reaches a depth interesting enough for architects and architecture students and still enjoyable for general readers and viewers. In concept it is about merging a serious architecture book and an exciting tourist guide.

The creative work for this project comprises graphic design of the book itself, but also all photography and illustrations. In the field of architecture our research has shown us that the visual material is always very inconsistent and we did not want to combine extremely polished media images with rough phone shots provided by the authors. We wanted to capture each location in the time of writing about it and give the whole book and its 200 images a single minimalistic documentary style. The illustrations are a way to connect the diverse chapters and break the flow of the pages with a visually lighter and more abstract expression. The book itself is all based around the delightful V8 flexo binding that has the form and the lines of hardcover books but with the added flexibility that allows for a fast flip-through and is more pleasant to bring with you. Graphically we wanted the design of the book to be quite neutral and let the reading and image-viewing experience be central.

concept and text
Michaela Hečková

creative direction, graphic design, illustration, photography 
Matej Chabera

Meziměsto, z.s.




Chabera Studio

1st of April, 2021


Book published with a kind financial partnership
of the czech Ministry of Culture, National Cultural Fond
and the Czech Architecture Foundation.

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