Primeros Innocent

Seemingly one of the most successful of the 9 characters in the Primeros condom range. It is a rose-scented standard shape condom with a thinner wall. It is very pink, female and girly in its style – and there are all kinds of styles fitted to all kinds of individual sex personalities in the line-up of course. This one seems to connect with a lot of people and we are very glad about that.

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Halo of innocence … falling off

The angelic symbol of a halo that is not quite what it used to be, it is a bit off. Or you might see one thing going through another. That is all we need to say, you can imagine the rest. What I enjoy about this type of visual communication is that it starts with simple aesthetic shapes with many attached meanings that are so open-ended for everyone. It is not descriptive and it is not specific. Specific might not fit so many scenarios and customer mind sets. It might be annoying too soon or it might just overdo pointing a finger at something. We believe there is no need to over-explain a product like this. It is all about the imagination and the private special world of sexuality that everyone has and that should be respected if it is also respecting. Perhaps the most central information there is still that medical cross and more than 100 years of history to confirm that brand weight and the trust the product is radiating.

The rose scent of the condom itself fits sensually so well with the pink styling. It is an ideal match in a game of often fairly random choices. What is important is that the scent overpowers that of the latex as with all other Primeros products.


Custom foil graphics for each condom line in the collection.


Everyone wins in the 12-pack scratch game …


Project info



Primeros s.r.o.

Project creative direction, graphic design, vector work, campaign creative direction

Jakub Korous

Project creative direction, graphic design, sketching, vector work, packaging design, packaging prototyping, studio photography creative direction

Matej Chabera

Typography / logo redesign

Tomáš Brousil


Marek Dvořák, Primeros team


Petr Haškovec


Chabera studio, Filip Beránek, Nikolas Tušl


Red Dot Design Award 2017, Packaging of the Year 2018, Czech Grand Design – Designer of the Year 2017