The visions section shows the studio’s on-going research and experiments in form and material that are created and documented outside of regular projects or that are a by-product of project work. Some visions are created for other brands and studios as well as an extension to their in-house innovation and design research. It’s a kind of serious playground driving future studio and brand output, inspiring collaboration and connecting with other studio activities.

Visions overview – Chabera

The studio space is filled with prototypes and models in a range of materials and finishes. Some serve the current projects, some are an inspiration to pickup for future work.


Working with typologies is key for me. It is tapping on the archetypal knowledge of the physical and graphical types and symbols we all have in the head already. A thing with a seat, four legs and a backrest will always be first seen as a chair. Even if made out of foam. The typology memory speaks first, it speaks automatically. I like to study typologies, remix them and establish new systems based on existing typologies in graphics & products/objects.

F box – exploring a new utility box typology – Chabera – Ch

F Box

Threads – exploring the thread feature in scale – Chabera – Ch


Ch – Visions – Step up – experimental typology – Ch

Step up

2 leg balance – exploring the limits of simplification – model – Chabera – Ch

2 leg balance

Diagonal cut – exploring a different way to fold a table – Chabera – Ch

Diagonal cut

Folding handles – typology shift exploration – Chabera – Ch

Folding handles

Tripod – a confirmation of a typology – prototype – Chabera - Ch



The proportions, the overall silhouette of an object, the logic of its components or particular details that are characteristic and derive from the material. All these are an essential part of every design. Form does not compete with concept, value or sustainability – it complements all of these.

Modularity – a study of modular possibilities of a single form – model – Chabera – Ch

Mesh surface study

Angularity – a study of the relationship of aligned rectangles and angles – model – Chabera


Hex pedal – a study of a bike pedal based on a hexagonal structure – model – Chabera – Ch

Hex pedal

Bending edge – a study of a perforation detail in sheet metal bending – model – Chabera – Ch

Bending edge

Enneahedron – a study of a nine-sided polygonal volume – model – Chabera – Ch


Ziggurat – exploring the ancient stepped form – models – Chabera – Ch


Modularity – a study of modular possibilities of a single form – model – Chabera – Ch


Materials & colors

A material choice is often the strongest starting stimulator of a design. I am continually looking for a material innovation that will form the basis of real projects. This mostly includes experimenting with new casting methods, new technologies within anodizing of aluminium alloys, looking for new ways to work with steel and wood. An entirely new material is of course the highest goal and it is my long term research subject. Regarding color I am most interested in real material-based textures and surfaces that generate color (like the Electra blue anodizing concept). Color mixing on its own is something that sits between styling and concept for me. Sometimes I want to be very analytical about color choices, sometimes it is all very emotional and spontaneous.

Jesmonite and Potassium Permanganate – casting material experimentation looking for generated patterns – models and molds – Chabera – Ch

Jesmonite & Potassium permanganate

Joint number one – exploring new wood joints – model – Chabera – Ch

Joint number one

Various brush finishes on anodized AlMg3 alloy sheets – Chabera – Ch

Anodizing aluminium