BAR collection

The high seating typology and solid ash wood go together extremely well as the longer legs really showcase the beautiful natural material. The BAR collection is an informal, energetic furniture collection ideal for collaborative office spaces as well as informal interior public settings and home scenarios. It packs ideal physical proportions with material purity and timeless soft playful looks.

Chabera – BAR collection – bar stool – solid ash wood – detail – Ch

A carpentry extreme

All three pieces of BAR are unique in the way they connect wood sticks – bars – together. In the stool there is a single bar intersecting through three other parts. This creates a very strong construction but it is also a way to showcase the perfection of the wood choice and the manufacturing by LUGI furniture maker. The coat stand uses a special CNC machined intersecting form where each stick is identical, yet they come together to form a complete unity in the joint.

Ash wood is an ideal choice for this look where legs extend into space without much support as well-chosen and well-aged ash does not bend out of shape as much. BAR stays in shape even after years of hard use in collaborative busy environments exposed to a range of temperature and moisture.

Chabera – BAR collection – interior setting – National Gallery in Prague – Ch
Chabera – BAR collection – bar stool – Ch
Chabera – BAR collection – table – Ch

Being a single tone collection BAR fits so well with color backgrounds of any kind.

Chabera – BAR – collection – stools at the LUGI office – Ch

The structural look of BAR is also a great match for technical architecture and industrial spaces.

Expressive & functional. BAR in solid ash wood.

Chabera – BAR overview – Cool Charcoal tone – BAR setting – Ch
Chabera – BAR overview – Cool Charcoal tone – detail – Ch

The chunky shapes inspire an informal vibe.

A seat with a view

There is something special about sitting high. It is a position of overview, it invites you to sit more properly positioned and with a straight back. Once seated on a bar stool you are also face-to-face with all people who stand. It creates one of the most pleasant environments for communication and spontaneous interactions that are so well suited for collaborative office spaces, for quick meetings and brainstorms. Good team communication enhanced by strategically designed furniture.

Chabera – BAR collection – interior setting – National Gallery in Prague – plants – Ch
Chabera – BAR collection – bar stool – Ch

One extra bar

The stool is based on the most classic bar stool typology: four long legs, a footrest and a round seat. It adds just one extra element: a diagonal connecting bar that passes through and connects all parts. It is a reinforcement, it is a recognizable visual feature, it is a handle, it is a hanger for bags and coats, it is a low backrest. The angle of the sticks puts them out of the way yet they provide a safe realiable stopper so you don’t sit too far back. Added together with the perfect ergonomy of proportions and surfaces it creates a practical and incredibly pleasant bar stool.

Chabera – BAR collection – Milan Design Week with Brokis – Ch

For custom projects BAR can also be finished in colors.

Chabera – BAR collection – coat stand – Ch

BAR stool

Chabera – BAR collection – stool – dimensions – Ch

BAR table

Chabera – BAR collection – table – dimensions – Ch

BAR coat stand

Chabera – BAR collection – coat stand – dimensions – Ch
Chabera – BAR collection – bar stool and table – joint detail – Ch
Chabera – BAR collection – bar stool and table – detail – Ch

Single material purity

Chabera – BAR collection – bar stool – solid ash wood – fit & finish qualityl – Ch

Massive wood joints

The surface finishes

The surface finishes are a mixture of natural waxes and oils and give the ash wood a silky smooth finish. They are resistant, easy to maintain and repair. Mellow Medium is the most natural tone of wood. This finish stays true to the ash wood and has a typical honey-like warmth that fits any interior. Washed White is a glaze type of finish that brightens the wood for a whiter less saturated look. Cool Charcoal does the same treatment but in translucent black.

Chabera – BAR collection – Washed White tone – Ch

Washed White

Chabera – BAR collection – Mellow Medium tone – Ch

Mellow Medium

Chabera – BAR collection – Cool Charcoal tone – Ch

Cool Charcoal

Chabera – BAR collection – 1 meter table tops – all 3 finishes – Ch

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