Steelworks Workstation

An experimental sheet metal collection that ended up incredibly rational and reasonable. Steelworks attempts to showcase the options for creating complete furniture collections just with sheet metal bending along straight edges. It is a geometric powerhouse of a studio setup.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high stool – Ch

The Workstation stool is a very light 1.5 mm sheet steel bar stool that just floats around the desk and provides an adequate amount of comfort without being too voluminous and clumsy like most full-featured stools are. It is there to take your weight but it does not hold you back from movement. It inspires spontaneity and cherishes flexibility.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high table – Ch

The Workstation table is designed as a full time standing desk at the most suitable adult height. It is extremely tough while leaving a lot of space for your legs. It never gets in the way. It feels like just a floating table top when you use it.

A heavy table.
A light stool.
Sitting or standing.
A dynamic setup
that stays out of the way.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high table and high stool – Ch

A strictly united angular design language.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high stool – Ch

The front edge of a bar stool is the most important contact point. Here the corners are folded downwards following the most natural position your thighs will be in when you take a seat. This makes the seating position comfortable, more forward leaning and more connected with the bar stool to make the experience of high seating feel safe and reliable.

Studio space vibe

It seems that the ideal productivity recipe is to blend focus, comfort and overview. Group productivity needs a good communication pipeline that goes beyond shared data. The high table is an answer to all of that. It allows people to sit and focus yet it allows individuals to stand, walk and move while being face-to-face with the seated. It is a hub of activity that takes on any subject and contributes to it with its ideally designed characteristics.

An ideal hub of activity for complete overview, individual focus or group exchange.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high table and high stool detail – Ch

Eight seated people or fourteen standing people at one table.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high table detail – Ch
Folding handles – typology shift exploration – Chabera – Ch

The individual components are light, flexible and easily bent out of shape. Once they are welded together they form a strong structure that strategically combines open and closed profiles for the best result.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high table detail – Ch

The welding holes in the 5 mm steel parts of the high table ensure a strong connection but also direct the welder to create consistent results in our small series production.


Laser-cutting, bending and welding sheet steel is a technique that blends together broad possibilities with unforgiving constraints. The Steelworks collection aims to explore these and maximise on the extremes and the positives. Next to the inherent effect of the manufacturing technique I have brought in a straight forward typology-driven form that finds efficient and slightly unusual lines to express and connect all parts together. It is all about efficience and simplicity informed by structural rigidity tests. The rational and minimalistic formal language suits Steelworks perfectly.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high stool – Ch

A star-like symmetry in space.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high stool – Ch

Footrests take inspiration from motorbike pegs and provide a lot of freedom for legs to move around. It only does not work barefoot very well obviously.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high stool – Ch

The barstools feature infinite horizontal stacking. This method creates more options for the shape of the stool’s frame than vertical stacking. It also does not require staff to lift the stools high in the air.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high stool – Ch

A more padded option in fabric – an incredibly durable waterproof polyester weave by Kvadrat™.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high table – Ch

The laser-cut 5 mm steel components are extremely precise allowing for a very controllable fit and finish. In contrast to that there are admitted welds placed in a repeating pattern set by pre-cut welding holes.

Chabera – Steelworks collection – high stool – Ch

In leather the seats are less padded and offer a truly streamlined look to the stools.


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