A broken lion

In order to understand the intervention we did in Vimperk it is essential to keep track of the previous state of things. This broken lion is just one example from a large list of things that needed graphic, artistic, historically-correct and careful attention.

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Centuries of neglect

When the visual identity project for Vimperk started I requested the current data to analyse what can be used and what needs to be done again. The tremendous centuries-old history of this striding lion amazed me but the artistic and heraldic state of it was like this. To my eyes this looks like a 90s CorelDraw outline process based on a photo or a scan. It feels like an automated vector. Perhaps I would prefer to keep the lion original if it was an early modern times etching or wood carving expression represented by curves, but it is surely not.

During our numerous exchanges with the heraldic expert Stanislav Kasík I have learned about the attempt of the 2nd World War Germans to turn it into a shameful running dog. Their administration actually had the capacity to reach such details of evil interventions – both scary and admirable. Thankfully they never really managed to complete that step and it is just a story now.

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The city of Vimperk

Creative direction, graphic design, product design

Matej Chabera


Michaela Hečková, René Dlesk, Stanislav Kasík, Vimperk town hall team


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