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Village “potato”

A set of illustrations for a book about the new evolution of village locations in Czechia. An abstract and optimistic representation that ties the book together with one clear visual language of a simple and minimalistic nature.  


The illustration concept for the book “Možnosti vesnice” is closely connected to the subject – a study of the new architecture developments of village environment in Czechia from the perspective of current trends such as city people moving into smaller towns and villages. The “potato” shapes that form the cover of the book and fill in several other locations in it are an abstract representation of a changing transforming entity that grows and morphs into something new. It is an optimistic symbol for a complex phenomenon. Next to this abstraction I wanted to unify the 12 chapters of the book with a similarly optimistic and easy-going set of illustrations that summarize the most recognizable features of each of the 12 studied locations. The illustrations form a tie with the green abstract motives throughout the book and they provide a visual counter-balance to the photographs that have the mission to document the location in a fairly neutral way.

book authors
Michaela Hečková
Matej Chabera

creative direction, illustration
Matej Chabera



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