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Not all custom furniture brands are equal. With LUGI I was always fascinated by their whole-hearted and deeply personal approach. With Jakub Korous we did the complete array of visual identity work starting with the logo and its interesting duality of a rounded rectangle with lettering and a detached symbolic tree.

All our collaborations with Jakub Korous are characterised by establishing an inner system of rules and relationships. It is a methodology that we share and that has been applied to many other projects like the Primeros re-brand we did. The inner rules are driven by concept, geometry and proportions and are then used to generate other elements of the visual identity. Here the tree symbol – an obvious hint for a wood-based furniture brand – is using the same design language as the main logotype. The rules then expand and generate patterns and even define line thicknesses in the overall series of designs that represent the company. The obvious outcome of working like this is a visual unity from which every identity benefits. Next to that it is also an organic system that grows with the company and adapts to different scenarios.

The pattern is generated from the same internal system of geometric rules as the logo. So are the relationships between typefaces and line thicknesses that also form the visual identity as one language.

There is an optical harmony in matching line thicknesses especially between typefaces and graphic elements. With LUGI we felt this kind of meticulous approach is a great analogy to the precision and technicality of their furniture production. Watching a 5-axis CNC machine form solid ash wood is so very similar to watching a printer build up typographical composition on a page. The rounded endings in the DIN Rounded Next LT Pro typeface and all the other graphical components are there because of another link to wood manufacture: when a hand lathe or a CNC machine work away wood they mostly use round drill bits leaving a rounded end everywhere. 

LUGI furniture maker

creative direction, graphic design
Matej Chabera
Jakub Korous

Chabera studio
Jakub Korous

since 2010


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